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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Refreshing on Ruby and some guitar

With Ruby Today

So after the two month lag I finally decided I would try out "Ruby" again. Unfortunately I had forgotten nearly everything I had previously known about the program. What I've always noticed though is that the second time you reacquaint yourself with something it is always clearer and esier thanthe first time; and thats how it has been for me today.

Before work is when it really started. Hell, the night before is the real genesis, but anyways. I went searching online to download "Ruby" and to find the tutorial I had used before cause that seemed to work well two moths ago. Instead I came across this site The "Pragmatic Programmers Guide". and they seemed to help pretty well.

Sadly though it was hard for me to completely grasp all that I was seeing so I continued the search (mind you I still haven't found the original site I used). I finally came across THIS site, "Whys (Poignant) Guide to Ruby". And this site is amazing. It's fun and weird and quirky and strangely understandable. I love the uniqueness of it all.

Back to the point though is I read it like a demon. and in the two hours before work I had written my first program (with help from the Guide of course).

It's called "Diabolical" and the whole point is that you type in an angry messege and it would uppercase it and reverse it. Fun.

print "Type and be diabolical: "
idea_backwards = gets.reverse.upcase
print idea_backwards

And thats the whole code. Crazy huh?

So I'd like to say that "Ruby" is making a come back for me. Now all I need to do is finish that Interactive Dragon Program.

With my Guitar today

I looked up an old favorite fingerpicked song. Which so happens to be one of the main themes of "Final Fantsay X" the video Game called "To Zanarkand".

I went through 3 different tabs and 4 youtube videos till I found a good and correct version ( here btw).

Learned half of it today and plan to learn the rest tomorrow.

On top of everything I mentioned here I also learned html for the first time today. All the links and html usage are a product of such learnage. :)

Thankies for reading! see you tomorrow!

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