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Monday, October 4, 2010

Today I returned to myself.

So I have never programmed anything before. In any kind of language either. So when I decided two months ago to learn "Ruby" I surprised even myself. So (as you might expect) I spent about a week on the thing and never came back to it. After that I realized how inconsistant I am with all aspects of life (at least creatively). For instance:

1. I have learned to play guitar and have been for about 5 years and I couldn't adlib a solo if it killed me. (lets just say I know people who have only just learned guitar and I'd be stuck on rhythm if we were to jam)

Now you might say that oh "maybe guitar isn't for you..." let me just say that, although that is a possibility, that two years ago I learned and could perform "Dust In The Wind" just about perfectly in a night. On to numero dos (sp?):

2. I have brainstormed, listed ideas for, collaborated on and written the beginnings to numerous unaccountable stories for about ten years now. I have even gotten great praise (from family and friends/people I know) about how great the idea was or how cool/entertaining the idea was. BUT I NEVER WENT ANYWHERE WITH ANY OF IT. Ahem. So theres that. Nummer Drei:

3. A friend and I decided two years ago that we wanted to write and create our own Roleplaying Game (as in d&d so what?). It has gone through three revisions since and we have spent a total of 5 days on it this year. Its October. Before you say anything I constantly hang out with the guy to the point of gay jokes and we just haven't done anything with it. No matter how much we planned to.

Those three examples aren't all that I could think of, but those are the most prominent (omitting "Ruby" of course. Oh, and all the other "I wish I dids"). Anyways, on to the point.

I have since decided that I need to work harder at the things I love, or at least just learn to love them more. So I thought if I made myself blog about it everyday I would work on things in preparation of blogging about what I had done. So I hope that you may enjoy this as much as I hope to. This Blog will include programming code, philosophical ideals, musical theory and information regarding game licenses as well as guitar tab and sheet music. thankies!!

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