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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sun


so i havent done much lately...

Sad I know.

But I planned out a rough direction to take that interactive dragon program! And I will post that soonish!


Lately my bestfriend, cousin and I have all been jamming together. We wrote a pretty sweet song about a teen/college girl's loss of control in a world of sin haha awesome stuff. Me and my cousin (chick by the way) Wrote the lyrics and me and my best friend (to the point of gay jokes)wrote the music even though he helped considerably with the solo. But thats just the way we are. We like to collab.

So maybe theres a future with that. I've been in three bands Ransacked, Destruction, and North of Nowhere. In all three I played guitar and sang (somewhat.. mostly backing or trade offs). In Ransacked it was Me, my cousin (same girl; vocals), best friend (same guy; guitar) and a childhood friend (also chick; bass). yep no drums; couldnt find any. In Destruction it was me, a friend from school (lead guitar), his friend(amazing metal drummer), and my best friend (bass). Oh and it was me and the Bestie on vocals. This band literally met twice maybe three times. but it was awesome. Lastly in North of Nowhere it was me, a different friend from a different school (vocals and sometimes rythm guitar), and the bestie on drums. Later on, my cousin (yes same one) came in on bass. <--- longest lasting band btw. And in all those bands we never performed at one show. Lots of starts but no follow throughs. I made every MySpace page, every Geocities page and every effort into bringing all the members to practice. Maybe I should manage a band. In Ransacked I was acting band manager and handled all band meetings. Things have changed since then. I've lost a lot of my former confidence. Im a shell of my former self. I need to relocate my beautiful clarity. Which is the foundation of my driving force. You cant move forward if you cannot see. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Sometimes rain falls in sheets and sometimes it only drizzles. but it hardly stops until you are thoroughly soaked and the sun comes out to dry you off and lift your mood once more. Wheres my sun?

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