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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Toolkit and Blues

Whoops! I missed a day! Luckily the events of the day were literally eventless. :) let us continue.


After much more playing around with and reading up on ruby (mostly out of Why's book online). I had remembered that I had previously wanted to start using ruby visually. So I searched online for a GUI Toolkit to use so that I may start creating dinky little programs that you can see OUTSIDE the command prompt.

I read some forums and some small time articles and found this! A wonderful toolkit called "Shoes" that was recommended by some site. and the funniest thing is that it was created by the same guy that wrote my programming guide! Woah! So I've been goofing around with it lately. I don't quite have the hang of it yet but I'll get there.


So after playing with Ruby for a couple of hours it started to rain and storm. So I had to turn off my pc. Breaking through the boredom I decided to learn "Blues Traveler"'s "Hook" on guitar (and mybe harmonica later). It took me 30 mins on my phone to finally end up looking up a video on youtube cause there were no good tabs on any of the sites. losers. But the video that worked is here.

I learned it pretty quick and wondered about the Harmonica part and came across this. Which turns out to be the same guy I recently learned alot of harmonica from. So good day of surprises. Maybe this will finally convince me to learn harmonica for sure instead of jst playin around with the idea a bunch and not doing anything.

Future projects.

1. Interactive Dragon program- raise a baby dragon from birth using very simple commands.
2. Create a personal messenger- using "Shoes" it is possible to make a Yahoo Messenger style messenger.
3. Start writing music again with lyrics. work on scales and chords (mostly 2nd and 3rd position).
4. become comfortable with myself again when it comes to my creative side...

Thankies!! see you next time!

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